About Me

Steven Garcia

You would have thought I was crazy in 2012 when I was telling people of the vision that I had and the number of people I was going to help reach financial FREEDOM!

My life has been crazy over the past year! I am helping people reach their dreams and meet people all over the world. A level higher than I thought I would ever be able to reach!

Life wasn’t always like this… I struggled most of my life trying to even carry on a conversation with people…

Most people that I talk with now think I have a degree but if they only knew I only graduated High School!

In High School, I was quiet and stayed pretty much to myself. Most of my friends even made it a point when they introduced me to mention that I didn’t talk much. Now I am giving speeches on stage in front of hundreds of people!

You see I always knew I was different and I always felt I was destined for something great. I just didn’t know what it was that I was supposed to be doing.

I grew up in a poor household… I had food and clothes but I didn’t have much else.

I remember at the age of 16 I was working at Mcdonald’s full time. My teachers would think I was a bad student because I was always sleeping in class but little did they know I was working until 2 am at times to try and help provide for my family.

When I was 17 I joined the military because I was tired of feeling trapped in a small town. Most of my friends were either buying drugs or selling them and I knew I was destined for more in my life at the time I felt like joining the military and moving away was my only option.

This was around 2003 right after the war in Iraq had started and my recruiter assured me that I would never have to serve a day overseas plus I can get my college paid for!?!? Sign me up!

A year later I find myself in Iraq on top of a 5-ton about to go on my first convoy mission.

As the days went on I could feel myself caring less and less but I thought it was normal. Nothing is scarier to think back to a time when you didn’t care about living.

Through all the attacks on the base and the attacks on the convoys, I finally made it back home without a scratch… or so I thought…

Little did I know not all wounds were physical. When I got back everyone thought I was different except me and it made me furious! So mad that I would just want to be left alone. I tried alcohol as well as a couple of other things that I am not proud of to try and get away from my problems.

Finally, it got so bad that I had to be admitted to the hospital because I became suicidal and just stopped caring about everything and everyone.

To me, I had failed…

To me, my life wasn’t going at all as I planned…

I couldn’t find a good paying job… I went from only having to worry about myself to having two kids and a girlfriend to worry about, PLUS my immediate family.

Throughout all these obstacles I never gave up even though I had some close calls. I prayed to God at night to please fix my life or just KILL ME because I can’t keep going on like this!!!

I knew I had to figure out how to generate some income on my own without finding a job because I didn’t like working with people at the time. I just didn’t know how I was going to do it legally! lol

Then one day…

I was just scrolling down my Facebook… probably as you were doing just now, and I saw a post that stood out to me. I had no clue who they were but was curious, so I clicked it to see how they popped up on my newsfeed and who they were.

“Make $10,000 in the next 30 days on Facebook”

That’s all it took! I was like work from home and I don’t have to go to a job? Shut up and take my money! lol

I found a way to get the things that I want without having to work for someone. I felt like finally I had found something that was for me.

The very first thing that this company recommended was having a mentor and luckily for me the person’s post that I ran across offered to mentor me.

My mentor introduced me to self-development and I began understanding more about myself and other people. Not only did my life get financially better but I feel as though it got spiritually better as well.

Now I have toured the world with multiple 6 figure earners through mentoring and coaching.

I now feel like I can be people’s SOLUTIONS when I once felt like I was everyone’s PROBLEM.


My intention is to make your YEAR! I want to give you the exact blueprint that turned my life around.

It’s been easier than ever to build a business & life that you are passionate about leveraging platforms we have at our fingertips.

And it’s possible for YOU

If you’re reading this, I am speaking to YOU…

Your DREAMS are POSSIBLE, whatever they are. For me, I needed to be introduced to the right information, but more importantly, the right mentor to guide me in the right direction.

And I can help you do the same.

This lifestyle is truly possible for anyone – yes YOU too.

Imagine exploring the world like never before. No longer needing to return back home to save for the next big ADVENTURE.

Palm trees, mountains, big and little cities, experiencing different foods, hanging out on the beaches of the world – truly experience LIFE on YOUR terms.

This is all truly POSSIBLE.

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